Exceptional architecture & interiors for private clients.

Reese Owens founded a practice in 1984 firmly committed to a design process of practical problem solving, sensitivity to context and rigorous attention to detail. These principals continue to guide us.

We approach our projects without preconceptions, focusing instead on the unique requirements and characteristics of each project, and each client. Our common denominator is the client who values excellence in design and construction, who partners with us and shares our belief that collaboration leads to stronger, more deterministic solutions and better buildings.

We believe good design engages architectural history and that each building has its place in time. When we peel away the chronology of styles, history becomes our catalog of fundamentals on working with form, space and light. We select building materials for their longevity and value, favoring those with the inherent qualities that contribute richness and texture, and beauty to the architecture.

Our portfolio of work has evolved to be diverse and eclectic; widely varied in scale, function and style. Our experience and skill have evolved in kind, with completed projects in many sectors: corporate offices, retail and hospitality projects, small institutional, educational and many private residential projects. These have involved new construction, all scales of renovation, adaptive re-use, and landmark conversion, and this variety is embraced in our practice.

Clients and peers appreciate that our buildings are the product of a creative, inventive process; that they are not recycled, autographed or drawn directly from historical examples. Recognition of our ethic has come in the form of plentiful design awards and articles, and the ultimate vote of confidence – architect clients.

We pursue an idea-based architecture that is straightforward, elegant and genuine, practical and appropriate. What motivates us is our love of inventing and creating things, and participating in their making.