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Perched on a ledge overlooking an unspoiled Litchfield County lake, the Camp fulfills a client’s dream of cabin life.  The site is rustic, a native woodland of oak, laurel and hemlock footed among surface boulders and ledge outcrops.  Re-creating the meandering, built-over-time, grounded feel that characterizes great camps was the priority for this house.  Style was to be rustic in spirit, “of the forest”.

For family retreats and recreation, the 4-bedroom lodge gathers its occupants into a centered great room where living, cooking and dining take place.  The surrounding porches with “tree” columns are spaces of equal importance, softening the transition from building to landscape and enabling the occupant to move about outside under cover.  Expansive windows maximize views of the lake and valley beyond.

Forms are derived from the rustic regional vernacular.  Materials such as fieldstone, Mine Hill granite, wane-edge siding, laurel ornament, oak and eastern cedar timbers are found on the site or its surroundings.  Interior finishes are predominantly clear-finished woodwork, all local materials such as oak floors, pine and hemlock walls, cherry doors and butternut cabinets.

HVAC is a ground-source heat pump system with high-efficiency propane-fired hydronic support.  Conservation measures included installation of subsurface recharge for roof water; designation of wetland buffer areas; construction of a protected, vegetated drainage basin and installation of native plantings.


Project Team

DiSalvo Engineering Group – structural
Tucker Associates – mechanical
RGR Landscape Architecture – plantings
Robert Nicholas Construction, LLC
Furnishings by Davis Raines Design


New England Home Connecticut – “Beauty & Braun”


Tim Lee Photography